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The WellBoring Weekend of 6th-7th May has 24 hours of performance from singers, speakers and poets in Chippenham. Watch the Blog!

25 schools get clean water. 75 to go!

WellBoring provides water solutions for 25 African schools. Our goal is to get to 100 schools as fast as we can. We currently focus on Kisumu in Kenya, where water is underground.

Clean water means illness falls, enrolment grows, results improve, and communities get water too. Health, education and poverty addressed in one well. Hear teachers tell their story.

It costs just £3,750 to transform a school community. Could you raise sponsorship? Let's change the world.

Bungu Kokwach School in Kisumu County Kenya now has a borehole with a handpump. See our completed projects.

Bungu Kokwach School in Kisumu County Kenya now has a borehole with a handpump. See our completed projects.

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See our completed projects. A big thank you to everyone who supports WellBoring. 

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Have a look at the current projects we are working on. We hope you will get excited about the difference this will make. 

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Support our prospective projects via my donateebay sales and the WellBoring Business Challenge

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WellBoring Weekend Programme 6th-7th May in Chippenham

Open Mic & Official Opening, @ Rivo Lounge 10am-12pm

Start the weekend on Saturday morning with...


Latest news

10,000 lives transformed as 12 more schools get clean water

11 new wells and one rainwater collections system make the year to March 2016 WellBoring's best...


Latest news

Christmas Appeal Funds 3 New Wells

Bungu School Report: The children at Bungu Kokwach Primary relied on a distant seasonal stream and...

More than 10 million people in Kenya don't have access to an improved water source and rely on seasonal streams and often polluted hand-dug wells.

84 percent of water related deaths are in children ages 0-14.

The water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns.

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Competed the Avon Gorge abseil yesterday in lovely sunshine.

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Constructing the Well 1

Constructing the Well 1

SL Pujehun District

SL Pujehun District

The pump going in

The pump going in

Working late again

Working late again