Hansgrohe Group

Hansgrohe x WellBoring – Crafting Waves of Impact, One Drop at a Time!

Hansgrohe, with a heritage dating back to 1901, embodies a profound appreciation for water. Founder Hans Grohe pioneered home sanitation, elevating health standards, while his son, Klaus Grohe, foresaw sustainability’s essence much before it became a buzzword. Their vision resonates with WellBoring’s mission, making our partnership a harmonious endeavor. Rooted in a mutual love for water, people and bettering lives, this collaboration has positively touched 10,000s of lives, a testament to the lasting impact of shared values. We cherish this alliance, as together we stride towards a future where water nurtures hope and good health.


“At hansgrohe, we feel an obligation to serve people and the world.”


“Water is the essence of life, and with WellBoring, we’re elated to extend this vital essence to more communities.”