Registered charity number 1142295


Our objective is to sustainably develop schools and communities in developing countries.

To do this we provide clean drinking water for as many communities as possible. Since WellBoring provided Summit Schools with our first borehole in 2011 we have focused on low-cost, high-impact solutions that can usually be accomplished with a well and a hand-pump.

Here's our sustainable development strategy:


  • Raise funds from events, campaigns and public and corporate donations
  • Form strong connections with organisations (mainly schools) who need water in Africa
  • Establish an engagement and deep level of commitment and involvement with the organisation so they take full responsibility and ownership of the solution
  • Provide communities with a water supply solution producing safe, clean drinking water
  • Provide them with a means to store and distribute the water
  • Bring their story to life by publishing photos, videos and articles, to show people who want to help the amazing and almost immediate impact they can make
  • Implement a follow up auditing process for the lifetime of the asset to ensure its continued use