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Blog / 10,000 lives transformed as 12 more schools get clean water

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Posted on 31st March 2017

11 new wells and one rainwater collections system make the year to March 2016 WellBoring's best ever-year. A big thank you to all our supporters. This transforms the lives of 10,000 children who attend - and adults who live - near theses schools.

Illness down, enrolment up, and community gaining access too. A triple benefit of health, education, and poverty alleviation. As thousands of children no longer spend an average of one or two days a week sick, and don't spend well time out of school fetching water from often unsafe sources, academic performance improves. 

You can read about the 12 schools: Bungu Kokwach, Kadete, Kibera, Mao, Masogo, Mbega, Nyamware, Nyambkembe, Okana, Oseth, Oyolla Oyolla, and Ranjira Schools, in our completed projects.   

Those lacking clean water are the poorest of the poor. We can help them. We've worked hard to make every £ you give go further. A water solution for a school of 350 children costs around £3,500 (exchange rates change). That's just £10 per child. If you include nearby adults it's about £5 per person. And these water solutions can last for decades. So the gift keeps on working.

We intend to reach 20 more schools in 2017-18. We're starting in Mitando and Obugi Schools this month. You can help us by donating today. Where there's a will there's a well. 



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