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Posted on 15th August 2016

We completed a handful of water solutions in our first few years. It was just as well, we were going slowly, discovering what worked well. In 2015 we felt ready and able to pick up the pace, completing water solutions for six communities, doubling our overall effectiveness in a single year. 

In 2016 we want double again, and complete solutions for 12 communities. By mid-August, 6 school-centred communities now have clean water. The drilling team are about to start the 7th, which is at Ranjira School.

The WellBoring Concert is already starting to raise funds for a borehole at Oyola School, which would be an 8th. Dorcan Academy in Swindon is preparing to support the development of a well at Onjiko which may be the 10th. Two more to find! 

Everyone drinks safely at Nyamkembe

Everyone drinks safely at Nyamkembe



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