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Posted on 1st March 2017

Bungu School Report: The children at Bungu Kokwach Primary relied on a distant seasonal stream and a hand dug shallow well with discoloured water. The area had outbreaks of cholera. Now Bungu’s 470 children have clean waterWith the benefit of water on tap, dusty, soil-floored classrooms can be lightly brushed with water, transforming the working conditions of Bungu’s 10 hard-pressed teachers and the learning conditions for the children. 100 households with a population of around 500 surrounding the school will also get clean water, improving community health. 

Kadete School Report: Drilling is complete at Kadete School in the County of Kisumu, which will reduce illness and absences from school. Kadete School's population is set to double from 500 to 1,000 as children come to school and drink. Now the installation is complete, the water is sufficiently pure, and the drinking and handwashing was ready for the start of 2017.

Okana School Report: The girls and boys at Okana Primary School had to walk most of a mile to haul water from a hand dug well. Many shallow wells are infected, and the disease the school pupils got most was typhoid. The 208 girls and 143 boys were ill for an average of a day and a half each week. Still, Okana Primary School’s population grew from 273 pupils in 2011 to 350 in 2016, and will double now clean water is available at the school. 80 households are nearby, representing a population of several hundred adults and children, who will now gain clean water.  

Okana schoolchildren get to know their new well

Okana schoolchildren get to know their new well



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