£2,600 – be a rehab-hero


Welcome to the Anti-Drill-and-Walk-Away Alliance

Step into a heroic role by revitalizing a well that has fallen silent. After undergoing what we call the ‘WellBoring Full Rehab Way’, it will be as good as new. Your robust £2,600 donation breathes life back into abandoned projects, turning neglected wells into active, vital sources of clean water. This isn’t merely a donation; it’s a resurrection of hope, health, and vitality for communities left behind. Celebrate your impact with a named plaque, joining the Anti-Drill-and-Walk-Away Alliance as a guardian of sustained water access!

Your impact:

  • Brave Revival: Your substantial donation supports the rehabilitation of a crucial water source. It’s not just about donating; it’s about reviving, restoring, and rekindling hope and health in a community that once lost a vital lifeline.
  • Recognition: Your noble effort will be commemorated with a plaque bearing your name, serving as a perpetual reminder of your kindness and generosity.

Get in touch for any questions and details

MAIL: info@wellboring.org

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