£32 per month – adopt a well


Sustain the Flow: You’re a Well Guardian!

Become a guardian of flowing, life-giving water! With a crucial monthly pledge of £32 you’re sponsoring the sustained service and maintenance of a well, so it continually nourishes a school community with safe water. Each month, your support keeps the water flowing reliably, safeguarding health and nourishing lives in the process. Stand as a beacon of support, providing the gift of water stability, and observe the waves of joy and health your contribution fosters!

Your monthly impact:

  • Well Sponsorship: Engage deeply with the community and the well you support, as it flows, serving and sustaining lives while bearing your name proudly.

Why your recurring donation is a game-changer:

  • Sustained Impact: Your ongoing support enables us to plan and execute long-term projects with confidence and precision.
  • Continuity: Regular funds soour life-changing work never halts, creating continuous waves of transformation and hope.
  • Empowered Communities: With steady resources, we can deepen our engagement with communities, fostering self-sufficiency and sustained access to water.

Get in touch for any questions and details

MAIL: info@wellboring.org

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