£7,300 – be a well-hero


A Legacy of Life: You’re Building a New Well!

Become a Well Hero with your donation! With a single donation of £7,300 , you’re not just funding a well – you’re igniting a beacon of hope, health, and education for a needy primary school. Your gift will provide life-sustaining water to thousand people, crafting a legacy of positive transformation. Upon donation, choose from three well proposals, engage with the joyous construction process, and receive personalized recognition on the well itself. Embark on a journey of change and witness the immediate, palpable impact of your generosity

Your impact:

  • Constructing Futures: Engage with the groundbreaking process and witness the construction and joyful inauguration of a well that you funded, a well that spells life and future for thousands.
  • A Personal Recognition: Your significant contribution will be etched on a plaque bearing your name on the well, or the name of a loved one or institution, as you choose.

We are excited to share with you the comprehensive Donor Information Package for your generously funded well! With this, you’ll be able to intimately connect with the impact of your donation:

  • Dry School Report
    • Before pictures.
    • Need report with location and fundamental data.
  • Personal Recognition:
    • Option for a name plate at the well if desired, commemorating your invaluable contribution.
  • School’s Fundamental Data:
    • School name.
    • Number of pupils and teachers benefiting.
    • School’s geographical location (Google Map coordinates).
  • Visual Documentation:
    • Picture of the newly drilled well with pump installed.
  • Community Insight:
    • Images of the pupils and teachers.
    • Short video or audio statement from the head teacher or a community member expressing what this means to them.
  • Project Completion and Updates:
    • Copy of the project completion report.
    • Regular reporting on the well’s status.
  • Ambassador Opportunity:
    • Engage deeply with the continuous impact and transparent communication regarding your project, potentially serving as an ambassador for future initiatives.

Your donation is not just financial; it’s a gift of life, health, and opportunity for an entire community. Thank you for your transformative contribution!


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