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Change lives on World Water Day 2019

World Water Day 2019

World Water Day 2019

Access to clean water is a human right. Hundreds of millions of people however, still live day-to-day without it.

March 22 marks the United Nations World Water Day, which is leading with the message “water for all”.

And since 2011, WellBoring has been making an impact on remote communities, providing a cost-effective and scalable clean water solution.

By drilling wells at primary schools, hundreds of pupils, their teachers, and their families all gain access to clean water.

The benefits of this include a reduction in poverty and disease, and a marked increase in school attendance.

And here’s where you can make a difference on World Water Day. WellBoring is a volunteer-run charity, so all donations go towards new wells, and the upkeep of existing ones.

Here's the impact even a small donation can make

We tend to work with schools with anywhere around 500 pupils.

With some basic maintenance, our wells can last for over a decade.

The cost of a well starts at around £3,500.

The wider community also gains access to the water.

So, just £5 can fund water for at least one child for a year. Make a real difference on World Water Day - click here to donate today.

World Water Day 2019

World Water Day 2019