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Let's get to 100 wells this Christmas

For our Christmas appeal this year, we have one goal in mind - funding our 100th well. 

With the completion of boreholes in Kibuyini and Kilulu this December, in the Kenyan state of Kwale, we are now on 97 wells completed.

Teacher and pupils enjoy the well at Kibos Prison primary school

Teacher and pupils enjoy the well at Kibos Prison primary school

In the run up to the end of the year, we have been hearing from head teachers at schools that already have one of our wells, and here is what some of them have reported.

Anduro: The community is very happy with Wellboring’s 2019 gift of clean, safe and permanent ground water. Apart from drinking and cooking in the kitchen, cleanliness of the pupils has tremendously improved as there is no more walking in River Oking’s mud in search of water. Absenteeism among learners as a result of water diseases like cholera , typhoid and bilharzia has instantly dropped by a great percentage.

Nyagwela: Initially the pupils used to fetch water from the river nearby whose water isn't treated and their safety wasn't guaranteed either since drowning of one pupil in 2013. The community is equally grateful as they now have clean and safe water for use. Long live WellBoring!

St Alloys Waware: The ground water drilled in our school is the greatest blessing of the year, attendance of learners and teachers highly improved, due to drinking clean water.

Reaching 100 will mark the beginning of a new chapter of ambitious expansion for WellBoring, and we are on course to achieve this early next year. This Christmas we want to have all the funds to complete this, having aready identified three schools where we hope to drill. With your help the hundreds of pupils, dozens of teachers and the wider communities of Milenye, Agoro and Kuwet will have easy access to clean water in January 2020. 

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