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Making a splash in Salisbury for World Water Day

Salisbury shoppers raised funds on World Water Day, at a Tesco superstore. A whopping £1,413 was raised, and an anonymous donor is doubling this, which puts WellBoring well on the way to funding another life-changing project.

WellBoring's Nigel Linacre (left) and Chris Dann (right)

WellBoring's Nigel Linacre (left) and Chris Dann (right)

The United Nations’ World Water Day happens every March, this year using the message “water for all”. Tesco in Salisbury is going one better than that by hosting the locally run WellBoring water charity for a whole week.
The volunteer-run, Wiltshire-based charity works to provide schools in rural Africa with cost-effective clean water supplies.
The entrance to the shop - passed by tens of thousands of people a week - has been given over to the charity with lots of eye catching information and activities. In fact even a real life water pump has been brought into the store location. The metal pump, weighing 68 kilos, is not for sale but lots of other things are.
Tesco customers and members of the Salisbury community have been joining in activities including: book stall, tombola, fruit, raffles and managers in the stocks – helping to make a difference on World Water Day and beyond.
The team running the charity have been visiting to meet and talk to the local community about the impact their donations will have.  
The charity founders explain that benefits of a clean water source include a reduction in poverty and disease, and a marked increase in school attendance. By drilling wells at primary schools, hundreds of pupils, their teachers, and their families all gain access to clean water for a decade or more.
Nigel Linacre, co-founder of WellBoring said:
“Salisbury residents could change the lives of a whole community by providing them with access to water. 

“WellBoring is a volunteer-run charity, so all donations go towards new wells, and the upkeep of existing ones - every little helps.

“We have had such a warm welcome from the store staff and shoppers, this supermarket is doing a super job of fundraising and the team are hoping to raise enough for a whole well this week."
The impact donations have:
· Clean water for around 500 pupils that attend the school.
· Wells can last for over a decade.
· The cost of a well starts at around £3,500.
· The wider community also gains access to the water.
· So, just £5 can fund water for at least one child for a year.

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