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World Water Day: Let’s get soap to 100 schools

In 2015 we set a goal to get water to 100 Kenyan primary schools, and as of this January, we’ve done it, getting safe water to more than 100,000 people who needed it. Now Kenya, like the rest of the world, is facing a new challenge.

Washing hands is important in the fight against coronavirus

Washing hands is important in the fight against coronavirus

Coronavirus is sweeping through countries, overwhelming health services and forcing governments to implement lockdowns. Effective handwashing and good hygiene practices will make a significant difference to the spread of the coronavirus and to health outcomes. So this World Water Day we have a plan - get soap to all our schools in Kenya, and implement some training so entire communities are equipped with the water, the soap, and the knowledge needed to wash their hands.


Those in rural Kenya will be particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 emergency. 


Here’s the plan

From Tuesday, we will be facilitating a series of small-scale briefings near each school with a WellBoring well. These sessions will include head teachers from each school, as well as community health workers, clan leaders and influential community members. We will be providing information on the importance of hand washing and crucially, will be distributing enough soap for an estimated 300 homes at each briefing. Our hope is that this will significantly improve protection for 1,000 people in each school’s community. 


What you can do

It costs £90 to buy soap for all the families living near a school, just 30 pence a family. To get soap to 100 schools would be £9,000. This is the target of our appeal, and if it raises more, we’ll get more soap and more wells.


Please donate whatever amount you can.


We’ll be giving updates on our progress on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Please join with us and get Soap for Schools and homes. A crisis can bring out the best in us. Keep washing your hands with soap, and help others do so too.