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Projects / 1,000 children and adults get well at Mitando

April 2017

The 442 girls and boys at 20-year old Mitando primary school and its kindergarten lack clean water. They are waiting. The area experiences outbreak of waterborne diseases like cholera, bilharzia and typhoid due to poor sanitation and water problems.

The hand dug well within the school’s 2.3 acres of land provides discoloured, dangerous water, and dries up during droughts. Nearby, tiny rice field canals used for irrigation provide an unsafe resource. A lot of time is lost as pupils are sent to a seasonal stream a mile away, which provides water during the rainy seasons. Fortunately there is now another option. 

It’s been hard for the 9 teachers in this ‘dry school’. The school’s performance in the recent national examinations is described as average. This is expected to increase once pupils aren’t sick from water-borne diseases or out of school searching for water. Enrolment is expected to increase too.  

The 90 nearby households represent a population of some 550, so the direct beneficiaries at the school and nearby of the clean water that is now arriving are around 1,000 children and adults.

Schoolchildren waiting for a well that has now arrived

Schoolchildren waiting for a well that has now arrived