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Projects / 1,000 people get water at Bungu Kokwach

February 2017

The children at Bungu Kokwach Primary School have had to rely on a seasonal stream that dries up a kilometre away, and a hand dug shallow well whose coloured water is highly questionable. So it’s no surprise that the area experiences outbreaks of waterborne diseases including cholera and typhoid.  They are miles off the main Kisumu-Nairobi Highway along slow-to-travel, mud-rutted tracks.

Thanks to the people who supported WellBoring’s Christmas Appeal, Bungu’s 470 primary school and kindergarten children have clean water within the school, and enrolment is expected to double. You can see the children gathered round the new handpump, but this is one of those benefits that can just go on and on, lasting until well beyond these children finish their schooling. 

With the benefit of water on tap, the community is working on classroom constructions and renovations.  Dusty, soil-floored classrooms can be lightly brushed with water, transforming the working conditions of Bungu’s 10 hard-pressed teachers and the learning conditions for the children.  

100 households with a population of around 500 surrounding the school will also get clean water, so the health benefits will spill into the local community too, transforming more than 1,000 lives. 

Children at Bungu Kokwach School

Children at Bungu Kokwach School