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Projects / 400 Oyola schoolchildren get well

Completed October 2016

Poor access roads, waterborne diseases and lack of water in the area have made life hazardous for the children of Oyola Safeway School. Now water is coming to Oyola, in Kisumu County, western Kenya, WellBoring's 9th school project of the year. 

A kindergarten was started at Oyala in 2009 for 3-6 year old children who couldn’t walk miles to other schools. The land was donated by the Oyola family and the name Safeway added as the little ones don't have to walk long distances to school. By 2012 there were 143 children in three classes. And as the nearest primary was 3 miles away, so the community started a primary.

But water-borne diseases have meant the school wasn't safe. Pupils carry water from home for drinking and washing at school. Those who don't are sent to fetch water from Oswani, a seasonal stream nearly two miles away. This water is often polluted, and the absenteeism rate is 18-20% a day, mostly from water borne diseases like typhoid. The introduction of the borehole will reduce illness from an average of nearly 100 pupils ill each day to less than 20, a massive reduction.   

Oyola Safeway School already has 400 pupils and many more may come now clean water is available. And the leaders of the school are thinking about how they can use the water to grow food and start a school lunch programme. 

A big thank you to Lingmara and the Cause Chorus and everyone who attended this year's WellBoring Concert. The difference singing can make! 

Children gather round the new pump

Children gather round the new pump