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Projects / 668 children at Masogo School get clean water

Completed June 2016

The children at Masogo School have long suffered from a lack of water. There may be enough in the rainy season but even then the Ombeyi river water can make them ill. So the arrival of a borehole is a major cause for celebration. 

Funded by the generosity of a German automotive firm and drilled by the Groundwater team, this borehole means health for 668 children plus teachers and hundreds of local households in Kisumu County, Western Kenya. 

We had the opportunity to meet with the school leaders to discover the difference this will make. The virtual elmination of water-borne diseases and an increase in school attendance and enrolment. The school leaders joined a workshop WellBoring ran with Groundwater to share good practice. A new community is being formed focusing on how good water use can transform communities. 

It's amazing what a difference clean water can make. 

Masogo schoolchildren wash their hands with clean water

Masogo schoolchildren wash their hands with clean water