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Projects / 700 Nyamkembe children get clean water

Completed August 2016

724 thirsty children attend Nyamkembe School in Nyando sub-county in Kisumu County. Some 400 households are in the catchment area, mostly subsistence farmers.

The Primary and Secondary Schools share the same compound but neither has a reliable supply of clean water, just a seasonal stream a mile away.

In and around the two annual rainy seasons the water may contain diseases, in the rest of the year there is no water. Then the pupils are asked to bring water from home, which most are unable to do.

Apparently the school did well in the last zonal test, but it fluctuates due to the persistence of water-borne diseases. How teachers and pupils keep going is a mystery.

The school’s full name is St Charles Lwaga Nyamkembe Mixed Secondary & Primary School. Nowwater is available the school is expected to double to over 1,000 pupils. And they won't be thirsty. 

The handpump is running

The handpump is running