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Projects / A breakthrough at Kosida School

September 2017

Kosida School is a couple of miles from Ahero, a bustling little town on the Kisumu to Nairobi Highway, where WellBoring runs workshops for school leaders. The school started by offering formal education to children who were idle, while their parents labored in the rice farm or hawked their produce in the market. The locals within the Ahero Irrigation Scheme area are poor and cannot do commercial rice farming on their own so lease their land and labor for their masters. They get little income from these activities, preventing an improvement in their living standards.

The school performance isn’t good based on the recent statistics posted in the national examination. The high number of lost learning hours is the major contributor and therefore needs to be addressed to improve the performance. The absenteeism rate is high at about 15% of total population per week. The major source of absenteeism is illness due to bad sanitation and truancy since many pupils absent themselves from school on market days to go and hawk.

There is rainwater harvesting in one 2,000 litre tanks mainly reserved for drinking by teachers and kindergarten pupils, and anyway is limited to rainy seasons. Pupils haul water (not safe either) from home to be used in school for cleaning dusty floors. Drinking water is a serious challenge since majority of them draw their water from the rice canals, river Nyando and unprotected hand dug wells around. During dry periods pupils walk about 4 km to and from the river to fetch water interfering with the normal class hours, and potentially brining disease.

Kosida School’s 560 population of primary and kindergarten children has been below the expected range of 700 to 900 pupils due to poor performance and lack of sustainable improved water solution. This is now set to grow with the arrival of the well.

The new well at Kosida School

The new well at Kosida School