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Projects / A Minyange tale of sugar and water

October 2017

The main activity around Minyange School is sugarcane farming. Widespread poverty leads to high truancy as pupils work in these farms to get money for food. The school performs poorly.

The school’s 400 pupils are supposed to fetch water before coming to school but cannot bring clean water.  The available water source is the river Nyando which is a 3 mile walk from the school. During the rains seasonal rivers flow and shallow unprotected hand dug wells collect unsafe water. This depresses school results. Some children drop out of school and work alongside their parents on sugarcane.

There is no provision of school lunches or morning porridge for the little children in the kindergarten since there is no water. Learning gets interrupted during droughts as even a little water to quench the thirst of the learners isn’t available.

The absenteeism rate recorded by the school administration is approximately 15%. The numbers shoot up during the rainy season due to bilharzia and cholera in dry months. The school is located about 5 miles from the main Kisumu-Nairobi road on the left from a junction near Ngere Kagoro stage on a murram access road.

The most prevalent illnesses are cholera, malaria and bilharzia whose effects cut across the community, including 200 nearby households. A well will reduce or eliminate cholera and bilharzia and improve the performance of the learners.

Around the Minyange stand

Around the Minyange stand