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Projects / A New Pump for Konim School

March 2018

Konim Primary School sits on the Kisumu-Busia Road in Kisumu County in western Kenya, around three miles from the farming town of Ahero. It is in a rural area, and pupils are frequently absent from school owing to commitments in the home such as herding livestock and fetching water.

Until recently the school's only water source was surface runoff water from a stagnant earth pond shared with animals. Animal manure contamination is a real health risk, as it can introduce intestinal parasites and pathogens such as fecal coliform and E.coli bacteria. 

They now have a new dedicated water supply providing clean water at the school itself, fully funded by the WellBoring Christmas 2017 Appeal. The pump is also self-funding: in Konim, water costs 20 Kenyan Shillings for a 20 litre can. The pump will allow that money to be saved for maintenance.

School participation is at 78%, close to the Kenyan average but there is room for improvement. The average KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) result for the school in 2016 was 226/500, which is around the average. The pump will benefit not only the school but local households, meaning that fewer children will need to take time away from school to fetch water. Moreover, cleaner water will mean less time taken away from school due to illness. This can only improve pupils’ examination results and their chances in life.

Drought and water-borne disease in Sub-Saharan Africa have a disproportionate impact on the poorest, on children, and on women. (Tichagwa, 1994) Clean water sources provide immediate, tangible benefits to quality of life, promote educational and economic advancement and reduce inequality.


The pump in action

The pump in action