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Projects / An end to Hongo hauling from rice canals

September 2017

Children at Hongo Ogosa School are asked to haul water from home to help clean the dusty school but the water cannot be drunk. It is drawn from the rice canals, river Nyando and unprotected hand dug wells around. During droughts pupils walk more than a mile to fetch water from the turbid river Nyando.

The school was named after a great grandfather called Hongo, son of Ogosa, whose descendants donated the land for the school compound in the mid-1980s. The school is a couple of miles off the main Kisumu-Nairobi a murram soil access road between rice plantations.

The main activity around the school is subsistence paddy rice farming. Truancy and absenteeism is very common here since some pupils help; their parents working on the rice farms or hawk the rice at Ahero market on market days. The low farm income has subjected the people around to continuing poverty.

15-20% of the 435 children have been absent from school, higher during drought and on market days. The most prevalent illness here arise from typhoid, malaria and bilharzia whose effects cut across the 170 households in the community.

The kindergarten pupils are currently receiving partial support of rice from the county government but the provision is not guaranteed while there has been no water to prepare the meals. The school performance in the national examination has been low though there is much room for improvement when the challenges like water affecting the children directly are mitigated.

An end to hauling water from rice canals

An end to hauling water from rice canals