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Projects / An end to Jiggers at Mbega School

December 2016

400 children at Mbega primary and kindergarten are looking forward to more than drinking clean water. Sand fleas known as jiggers are a menace. Thriving on dusty classroom floors, they infect children’s feet, contributing to high absenteeism in the dry season, alternating with frequent outbreaks of bilharzia during the rainy seasons.

The school’s guttering has been removed and anyway there is no water tank at Mbega School, 5km off the main Kisumu-Nairobi Highway. A shallow, hand-dug well offers discoloured water for part of the years and dries up in the dry season.

Now the borehole is drilled and handpump fitted the Mbega pupils will dampen the classroom floors so jigger infections should become a thing of the past.

Mbega’s teachers are committed to improving the academic performance of the school but the high levels of absenteeism have hampered their efforts. Clean water all year round offers the possibility of school lunches for all too.

The 74 surrounding households comprise some 400 people, doubling the number of people who will benefit directly from a reliable supply of clean water. 

Girls avoiding the jiggers by working outside

Girls avoiding the jiggers by working outside