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Projects / Anywang's thumbs up for the new well

July 2017

Anywang’s 300 primary and kindergarten pupils have had to haul water a mile from the seasonal Mayenga river. There is no rain water harvesting in the school since there are neither roof gutters nor water tanks. The poverty index in this area is high.

The community depends on the seasonal river and some shallow hand dug wells which are also far from the school. The above water sources are not safe or fit for human consumption and has attributed to the common illness in the school and its surrounding. The arrival of safe water changes all of that.

The performance based on the recent national examinations has been below average and with a high truancy rate so many learning hours have been lost. More class time is lost lost when pupils are sent for water outside the school compound to seasonal river Mayenga, or when pupils don’t show up in school because they are looking after their brothers and sisters while their parents have gone to search for water or food. These results can be improved when pupils are in school.

Anyuang is a mixed day public primary school founded in the year 1992 as an informal education centre in Rabuor zone, Kadibo Division, Nyando Sub County in Kisumu County, Kenya. Formal education was introduced to the centre in 1994 and it became a government owned school.

Anywang children's thumbs up

Anywang children's thumbs up