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Projects / Bilharzia to disappear from Oseth School

March 2017

Frequent outbreaks of bilharzia have been a menace to the Oseth Primary School community. The hand dug well the school owned collapsed and is no longer functional. The building’s gutters are old and rusted so rainwater is not likely to be safe for consumption. Bilharzia, caused by infestation with worm parasites, is contacted from the stagnant pools of water, as the children collect water from the canals on the edge of the nearby rice fields, on their way to school. On average, children have been losing a day a week from illness.

But bilharzia can become a thing of the past to the 350 pupils now a sustainable water supply has arrived thanks to a borehole finished with a ground surface handpump pictured above. Pupils and their parents will no longer have to go to the rice fields to fetch water. Children won’t have to spend time searching for potentially drinkable water in the rice fields. The school has posted average performance at the national examinations in the recent years but this is now expected to improve.

Oseth Primary School is a public primary school started in 1964 by the local administration in collaboration with the villagers The 140 younger children at the nearby kindergarten (or Early Childhood Development “ECD” as it is locally known, will get the water too, as will the 14 teachers and the inhabitants of 100 nearby dwellings, comprising perhaps 500 people. Another 1,000 lives transformed, and bye-bye Bilharzia.

Oseth children try the new well

Oseth children try the new well