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May 2018

1827 children and thousands more people in the community at Bukatabira Primary School in North East Uganda now have clean water.

Kids Enjoying Clean Water

Kids Enjoying Clean Water

WellBoring has provided a much needed borehole fitted with a hand pump ... and it couldn't have come soon enough.

In April there was prolonged heavy rains and massive flooding, which caused an outbreak of cholera because all the surface water supplies became even more contaminated than usual.

200 people came down with cholera. The government came in to help with emergency medical aid and some limited clean water.

The kids were really excited when the survey team arrived on site to start work; and this was even before the drilling rig arrived.

Kids happy to see the survey team arrive.

With grit and detemination, WellBoring's partners in Uganda, the Busoga Volunteers and our drilling contractor fought to get the drilling rig to site to begin work. Following the heavy rains, the roads were water logged and impassable. Tractors were brought in to help pull the drilling rig miles through the mud. After a week of struggling, the rig reached site and work began. The school and community were delighted to see the drillers arrive.


The team put the finishing touches to the pump installation and lean carefully over the still wet concrete runoff apron whilst keen to test the pump for the first time.

Pump Installation

Pump Installation

A few days later when the concrete has dried, the kids give the pump a more rigourous testing ... and it passed the test!

A more thorough testing

A more thorough testing

The children and community around Bukatabira are now looking forward to a healthier and happier future with their own clean drinking water supply.