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Projects / Ending Snail Disease at Mao Primary School

Completed September 2016

Mao Primary School is 8km off the main Kisumu-Nairobi Highway from Korowe junction. The soil road turns to mud in the rainy season becoming deeply rutted and sometimes impassable. 

The 350 primary school children have missed an average of a day a week through illness, most of which have come from water-borne diseases, especially bilharzia, also known as schistosomiasis and even snail fever, an infection caused by a parasitic worm that lives in fresh water in subtropical and tropical regions.

Roof guttering and one 2,500 litre tank collects water for the teachers and 100 children in the kindergarten to drink: filled during the twice-yearly rainy seasons it could not provide drinking and hand-washing for the whole school.

When the area goes dry, the school and neighboring community have had to drink from the river or seasonal streams of carry water from another school when it was available. Parents have had to go into the rice fields to fetch water. Somehow, the school managed to be in the top three best performing schools in Nyando Sub County for the last five years and still determined to be the best in Kisumu County. The school leaders believe the school population will double now the school has clean water.

With clean water arriving, the school leadership will get to work on lunches too, and share water with the 63 households surrounding the school. More good work to flow. 

Mao schoolchildren gather round the pump

Mao schoolchildren gather round the pump