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Projects / Gatundu finally gets clean water

March 2017

Gatundu School made several attempts to have water within the compound but all in vain. The new head teacher was a beneficiary of clean water at a previous school and so knew of WellBoring. Now clean water arrives via a borehole and stand. 

Gatundu School is found in Kisumu County, Muhoroni sub-county. It was started in the year 2012 to help the pupil’s access education since the nearest school was 5 km away. This was a long journey for the little ones who were thirsty for education.

Over 200 pupils of 3-16 year old attend the school. The overall school population is expected to double to 400 as the water issue is addressed. 11 teachers and over 100 local households, another several hundred people will benefit. 

There is a shallow hand dug well 300m from the school, where water can be reached. A seasonal river is about 5km from the school and out of reach of the pupils to draw water from. Some pupils do not go home for lunch because of the distance from home and the limited lunch hour break.

A pupil was punished by head teacher for not carrying water to school, this led to parent of the said pupil to be angry and apparently almost beat the teacher in classroom. This didn’t go well with the school administration and other stakeholders who are in need to have a borehole in the school. 

But clean water changes everything. 

Gatundu pupils greet the long-awaited borehole

Gatundu pupils greet the long-awaited borehole