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August 2017

The 421 pupils at Nyangoto Primary School have missed a lot of school. The school’s location on the plains adjacent to the paddy rice farms predisposes the pupils to frequent waterborne diseases like cholera, bilharzia and typhoid. An old worn out concrete tank is not functional due to its bad condition and leakages.

A seasonal stream called Ombeyi is a mile or so away. Nearer hand-dug wells provide water of even more doubtful quality. The nearest health facility is Ahero Sub County Hospital, a couple of miles from the school.

The performance based on the national examinations has been below average. The school has potential to perform better if the teacher pupil contact time is increased and utilized. A lot of learning hours are affected by absenteeism thus much time is wasted.

The school enrollment is expected to shoot significantly now clean improved water solution is available. The school has not been a preferred choice to many due to poor sanitation in the school. There are no meals prepared for pupils in the school. There are plans for midmorning porridge for ECD pupils.

There number of household in the school surrounding is at 178 based on the recent survey done by the national government and data copied to the local administration office, so the direct beneficiaries outside the school run into the high hundreds. 

Nyangoto children round the new well

Nyangoto children round the new well