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Projects / Kasuna's wait for water is over

August 2017

Kasuna Primary School was built beside rice plantations in Ahero zone, in Kisumu County. The school was stated in the year 1991 by the Kenyan government in partnership with the locals who donated land for the construction. The main activity around the school is subsistence paddy rice farming where at times pupils absent themselves from school to labor in the farms.

There are 531 pupils in primary section (253 boys, 278 girls) and 116 pupils in the Kindergarten (49 boys, 67 girls) giving a total of 663 pupils in the whole school. Many of the parents of the children work in the rice fields but unable to earn enough some of them get their children to work there too. Absenteeism has shot up in the drier periods when there is no water in the school and there are typhoid outbreaks. Hopefully typhoid will become a thing of the past at Kasuna.

The parents and guardian of these pupils have low income from the low quality rice that grows here, causing continued poverty despite the farming. This makes hunger a threat to many pupils further undermining their academic potential. Efforts to provide lunches have been limited by the lack of clean water so teachers to send the pupils to the unsafe River Nyando for water. 

Now the wait for water is over. 

The handpump's stand being finished

The handpump's stand being finished