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Projects / Keyo School gets the key to life

June 2017

The nearest river is one and half miles away for the 400 pupils and teachers at Keyo Primary and the seasonal stream is half that distance. Rainwater comes twice a year and when there's a downpour, unprotected hand dug wells capture water but the quality is highly questionable. The area experiences outbreaks of waterborne diseases and malaria.

A lot of class hours have been lost when pupils are sent for water outside the school compound. The school’s results can improve when the class hours are well utilized. The school is 5 miles murram soil road from the Rabuor junction of the main Kisumu-Nairobi Highway. There has been no food or water at the school for the children.

The drilling wasn't easy but now clean water is available thanks to the completion of a borehole and school enrollment is expected to double. The 100 plus nearby households are home to over 500 people who will now get clean water too.