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Projects / Kibiko Schools, Ngong, Kenya

Completed 19 August 2014

Water is now pumping from the borehole and being shared with the local community. Kibiko schools is situated 30km west of Nairobi on a 46 acre site containing a primary school, secondary school, church and a police post. There are 800 children in the primary school and 350 in the secondary school. They now have clean safe water!

Water Flowing From The Tanks

Water Flowing From The Tanks

19 August 2014

WellBoring's engineering project leader Lucy (with daughter Zakiya) pictured with the team on the water tank platform just after the commissioning. The pump has run for the first time and the tanks are full!

Nearly 7,000 litres/hour!

Well done to Lucy and the team.

There are 2 tanks each with a capacity of 10,000 litres. They are situated at the high point of the site, so that distribution is gravity assisted. The position is also convenient for sharing the water with the local community since it is very close to the site boundary and the road.


Project Success is sweet ...

however, it was a long journey to realise the dream of clean water at Kibiko School.

Find out more about Kibiko School and the people who continue to make it a success and learn about their drive and passion and their enduring vision for the future in Chris Doran's November 2014 visit report below.

Chris Doran's Visit Report

A few pictures taken during the construction phase ...

The Rotary Club Of Bristol Breakfast kindly provided the pump for Kibiko School's borehole, for which WellBoring and Kibiko School express their thanks.

Rotary Club Of Bristol Breakfast

Rotary Club Of Bristol Breakfast

Opening Ceremony


May 2015 Update

There had been a problem with the water meter, but this has been swiftly rectified thanks to our installation partner Epicenter, with little interruption to supply.

However, the biggest and most exciting news is that Kibiko school has now connected the water supply to 53 nearby families who each buy the safe water at just below market rates. There are more families waiting to connect to the supply and the network is cautiously expanding.

The school has also set up a water selling point where locals can buy water with their jerricans.

The vision of Kibiko School becoming a water provider to itself and the local community has become a reality. We are delighted! Well done Kibiko!