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Projects / No more walking for water at Kibarwa

December 2016

The nearest water point for the 475 pupils at Kibarwa School was a seasonal river 2 mile walk away. Water-borne diseases were prevalent and some 20% of the pupils were ill each day.

The children were supposed to bring water in from home, often a mud hut a mile or two away, but the situation there is no better. When the children were at school they had to walk for water. But now the 135 kindergarten children and 340 Primary School have clean water on hand thanks to the generosity of the supporters of WellBoring.

We expect illness to fall from over 20% to around 2%. Kibarwa School’s population is projected to double once clean water arrives as more parents send their children to school. School performance will improve once both children and teachers are well.

And the water will help to transform the lives of the 180 hard-pressed households nearby.  Health, education and community development, all thanks to clean water

Kibarwa is a public primary school started in the year 2009. It is found in Nyando sub-county, Kisumu County, in Western Kenya.

The new well gets a try out

The new well gets a try out