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Projects / Obugi borehole to end typhoid

April 2017

The 658 children at Obugi primary and kindergarten have been missing an average of a day and a half a week of school through illness, almost all water-related. The school pupils get typhoid, cholera and dysentery due to drinking untreated water from the shallow hand dug wells, and the nearest health facility is 4 miles away along a deeply rutted road at Ahero sub county hospital.

There is poor rainwater harvesting in the school due to worn out gutters and the concrete tank constructed in the 1980’s is on the brink of collapse. Still, it is used in the rainy seasons. A timetable dictates which classes have to bring water to the school on any particular day, but this water is not safe, and is used mainly for cleaning classes and latrines. There is no provision for lunch in the school majorly due to lack of sustainable clean water to cater for the high number of pupils.

Drinking water is a major challenge to the entire school fraternity, and to the 100 households around the school. In terms of results, the school is doing surprisingly well. But many parents prefer to take their children to other schools due to lack of an improved water solution in the school.

Now Obugi School has water, it will be the preferred choice of many parents. Enrolment is set to grow. Academic performance is expected to improve. And children will be well. 

Staff check the new borehole is flowing OK

Staff check the new borehole is flowing OK