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Projects / Renja Primary School, Kenya

Completed 28 January 2015

Renja Primary School borehole was commissioned on 28 January 2015. 650 school children and 1300 community members are now getting clean water. We had a wonderful opening ceremony. The children have suffered high rates of cholera and typhoid. We are expecting to see a significant drop in infection rates now they have clean water.

The headteacher ...

wrote a lovely letter thanking WellBoring for providing the borehole. 

We are humbled and delighted!

Techie details ...

The borehole is 65 metres deep through soft formation. It is fitted with the tried and tested Afridev hand pump for which there is a readily available supply of technical support and spare parts. These pumps are reliable and need only minor annual maintenance to ensure continued long service.

A few short clips showing the final stages in the run up to commissioning the pump ...

Nigel at the official opening ceremony for Renja School's borehole.