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December 2017

We manage to drive to St. Joseph N'gula Primary School without having to get out and walk. Isaac Adede is there to meet us, with a number of parents sitting on a couple of benches under a shady tree, and a couple of classes are running this Saturday morning.

Isaac talks quickly and easily with our Trustee, but the school has very poor infrastructure apart from two newer classrooms, and it has only 170 pupils. It looks a tough place to work. Isaac comes from a couple of miles away, so he is within his world, and seems devoted to it. He gets a class of children to come and stand before us, and after a few words, they ask some questions, like why we are here.

St.Joseph's Ngula Water Pump

St.Joseph's Ngula Water Pump

The following day, Isaac says that with a borehole they would expand to 280 children very quickly. They can also expect a significant reduction in disease and an improved attendance as more children get well enough to attend. 

The surrounding community is pretty homogeneous, and many live the way their ancestors have done for millennia, almost untouched by the technology of recent centuries. Some youngsters do well at school and move to town.

The drilling ran into rocky ground and we had to pause awaiting further funding to go deeper where we expect to find water.

Now that funding has come through and the drilling is complete. The pump is installed and the long awaited water has arrived. The children and community of St.Joseph's Ngula have water.