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Projects / Water sweetens Orenge sugar belt school

May 2017

Orenge (said with a hard g) Primary School is in Mwani Sub-County in the sugar belt. The main activity around the school is sugarcane farming and most pupils come from families who labour in the sugar cane farms.

When the borehole drilling vehicle arrived it got stuck in the mud, owing to the rainy season. But pupils joined in to push the rig to the proposed borehole site, and now it's complete. 

The school is 6 miles off the main Kisumu-Nairobi Highway to through a murram soil road. Accessibility is fair. 450 primary school children and 200 in kindergarten make a total of 650 pupils who could benefit from clean water, set to rise when water arrives.

Sickness has a big problem with a massive two days a week lost to sickness. The most frequent disease affecting the school pupil’s cholera, malaria and typhoid due to direct consumption of untreated water from the seasonal streams. There is little rainwater harvesting in the school due to the old structures and worn out gutters.

Mostly the pupils had to haul water from home to be used in school for cleaning but clean and safe drinking water is a serious challenge. Many pupils drew their water from the seasonal rivers and unprotected wells. During dry periods pupils walke about 2 miles to the river to fetch water interfering with the normal class hours. The absence of water meant is no kitchen garden, no water to cook with and no school lunches. Now all of this can change. 

A couple of hundred nearby households are celebrating the arrivial of clean water too.