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Projects / WellBoring Concert Provides Water For Mikiria

November 2017

The WellBoring Concert in Summer 2017 provides water for Mikiria.

The 500 pupils at Mikiria School are commonly hit by waterborne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, bilharzia and typhoid.

The performance based on the national examinations is below average. This is because of high level of poverty, child labor on the farms and sporadic outbreaks of cholera and other stomach diseases. The school still has high potential to perform better if the teacher pupil contact time is increased and utilized.

A lot of learning hours are wasted by absenteeism and having to fetch water from river Nyando about 3km away, as well as shallow unprotected hand-dug wells within the area whose water quality is questionable and dries up on continued drought.

The school enrollment is expected to shoot significantly now the clean improved water solution is available. The school was not a preferred choice to many due to poor sanitation in the school, but now at least it has clean water.

The number of household in the school surrounding is at 213 based on the recent survey done by the national government and data copied to the local administration office. The direct beneficiaries from these household are about 1,000 people.

And now Mikiria have clean water, we expect to see the school children and community benefit with better health, more children at school, less sickness, improved productivity and better school results.

Water arrives at Mikiria

Water arrives at Mikiria