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The Difference You Can Make

The Difference You Can Make

What difference does each borehole make? Within Kisumu County, western Kenya, clean water:

  1. Means clean water for hundreds of schoolchildren and teachers
  2. Cuts water-borne diseases including cholera, dysentery and typhoid among children
  3. Reduces days lost to illness and boosting school attendance and academic performance
  4. Increases school enrolment as more parents send their children to schools with clean water
  5. Expands school lunch programmes using clean water and school kitchen gardens
  6. Significantly improves health in the wider community
  7. Improves the condition of hundreds of subsistence farmers and their families

This combination of a dramatic reduction in disease, higher school attendance and enrolment, and better academic outcomes, plus a reduction in disease in the community and a boost to their subsistence farming, will together put communities on a firmer footing. As Kenyans say, “Water is Life”. We relieve poverty, promote children’s health and support educational development.

WellBoring’s water solutions in Kisumu County and beyond provide the basis for most key outcomes (see Appendix for a detailed analysis). You can see interviews with the Head Teachers of schools on the projects page. 

The Cost of WellBoring clean water is under £1 per person per year

As an example, a school with 220 children costs £3,500 a school, the cost is £16 a child, with a pump lifetime of ten years clean water costs £1.60 per child per year. With as many beneficiaries in the community, the cost per person is under £1 a person a year. We achieve this in Kisumu County by:

  • Working with schools at the centre-point of these disparate, poor, rural communities
  • Selecting schools with competent leadership teams who can manage the water solutions  
  • Drilling where water can be found at a depth suitable for simple hand-pumps
  • Making water available to all pupils and teachers and members of the nearby community
  • Maintaining hand-pumps so they operate for years and may run for decades

This strategy is wide-reach (all community access), low-cost (mud-drilling and hand-pumps), low-risk (few points of failure), and long-life (with a little maintenance).  We focus on water solutions rather than sanitation, but note that the clean water is extensively used for hand-washing.

Background: Kisumu County borders Lake Victoria, in western Kenya, close to both Uganda and Tanzania, and is far away from the Somali border, proximity with which has presented difficulties. Much of WellBoring’s work in Kisumu is in Nyando, one of Kisumu County’s seven sub-counties. Kisumu is also the name of the capital, Kisumu City. Kisumu County’s population is some 970,000 (2009 National Census). The population of Nyando may be 200,000 (1999 Census) 95% of which is rural. 

WellBoring provided Summit Schools with a borehole in August 2011 and then in 2012, 3 new wells for the Massa Pujeh village in Sierra Leone.

The communities that receive a borehole are ideally education related and have a wider impact upon the community, not just the recipients themselves.

WellBoring expects to gain suitable next sites through contacts with the latest community to benefit from a WellBoring borehole.

We plan to provide more water supplies each year by increasing our funding and growing our delivery capability through the development of long term relationships with local delivery teams led by WellBoring's local Engineering Project Leader.

We aim to be delivering 12 or more new water supplies per year by 2015.