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Want to help? Vital volunteer roles available

Are you able to volunteer some time to help with WellBoring's mission? We are looking for volunteers for three roles.

Membership Secretary: Recruit potential members, welcome new members (with a standard mail), and engage current members, inviting them to raise funds, attend and invite friends to events (with personal invitations to member-only events, and using the WellBoring newsletter for general events), and keeping them updated on progress, working with the rest of the Communications Team to double membership in 2019.

Well Donor Manager: Engage with people who have already agreed to fund a well and/or have done so in the past by making a donation of £3,500 or more, liaising with Operations on the allocation of a school, informing the donor of the likely timescale, providing a written report on the school (usually written by the WellBoring reporter), providing pictures and where available video, informing the Well Donor of and providing pictures of installation, confirming the water has tested good (or otherwise and actions), writing a letter of thanks and/or certificate when it is complete with an invitation to share with friends, providing an update on their school.

External Affairs Researcher: Researching and reporting succinctly on factors affecting the provision of water in primary schools, including Political (e.g. water operators and regulators), Economic (e.g. levels of poverty and water poverty in different areas), Technological (including water pumping, solar and financial payment systems) and Health (e.g. prevalence of water-borne diseases) together "PETH",  in Kenya, and anticipating and responding to requests for briefings on other countries that may be considered like Mozambique and Uganda.

If you would like to get involved please contact us at, or contact Nigel Linacre on +44(0)7850 996856