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Why this matters

Children in Africa need an education to create a better life for themselves, which will be achieved through sustainable schools that are well staffed, well run and financially viable.

Summit Schools in Maragua in Kenya provides primary and secondary education.  It grows its own crops, has its own farm and produces its own water. However, the water supply is the most crucial and the most vulnerable resource.

Children of Summit Schools

Children of Summit Schools

The water supply comes from an existing hand dug shallow well some 300m down the hillside outside the school compound. In the drought the well dries up and there is no water.    The diesel powered pump is 37 years old and frequently breaks down. 

The borehole that WellBoring is providing will solve the water supply problem and make the school significantly more sustainable and help secure its long term future.

Today there are 176 children in Summit Schools primary and secondary school; there used to be more than 200, but the 4 year long drought that ended last year, made crops fail, pushed up food prices and parents could not afford to send children to the school and the school could not afford to feed them.

The primary school covers ages 4 – 11 years, whilst the secondary school covers ages 11 – 14 years.  Of those, 11% receive sponsorship and 6% receive bursaries, which is a fund provided from donations that is used at the schools discretion to subsidise children with ability.