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Working with Communities and Supporters

We visit prospective communities and assess current circumstances, meet school leaders and understand the difference clean water will make, before coming to a view on the priority. We do this either via a member of WellBoring’s management team, our local engineer, or a trusted partner, and report on each school community before confirming our decision.

Each community is expected to provide sand, gravel and water, which they get together, plus food for the drilling team throughout the drill of about ten days. The drilling is usually done within term time in order to maximise impact, understanding and ongoing commitment, and we maintain contact, helping to ensure a long life for each borehole. With schools already identified, we can complete water solutions at the rate of one per month. Here’s how we plan to work together:

  1. We tell you about the schools and communities you can assist.
  2. You will be able to speak directly with the Head Teacher at any of the schools you shortlist
  3. You can invest your funds in a phased way, e.g. per borehole, seeing results as you go
  4. Once drilling is done we will provide the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation’s report
  5. We will report the difference each water solution makes following implementation
  6. From time to time you will get videos of the differences boreholes are making
  7. Your investment will be acknowledged locally and internationally as suits you

We can tailor the level of participation that suits you and the engagement you want. 

  1. Raising funds from events, campaigns and public and corporate donations,
  2. Forming strong connections with organisations (mainly schools) who need water in Africa,
  3. Establishing an engagement and deep level of commitment and involvement with the organisation so that they take full responsibility and ownership of the solution,
  4. Bringing their story to life by bringing photos and videos back to the UK and articulating it to people that want to help, so they can see, hear and feel their situation and build a connection that provides a meaningful bridge between the two.
  5. Providing them with a water supply solution producing safe, clean drinking water,
  6. Providing them with a means to store and distribute the water,
  7. Implementing a follow up auditing process for the lifetime of the asset to ensure its continued use.
Muddy work at Kadete School, Kenya

Muddy work at Kadete School, Kenya