How well rehabilitation helps to alleviate Africa’s water crisis

Why we are repairing abandoned wells?

When a WellBoring well is installed at a primary school, we don’t just finish the work and move on. A WellBoring well is the first step in an ongoing relationship between us and the school we are helping. We provide ongoing water education, and crucially regular checks and maintenance.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with all charities or projects that involve installing wells. Throughout Kenya there are thousands of abandoned wells, which are no longer functioning. So we have begun a project of identifying wells in areas that we operate, and finding out if they can be fixed, for relatively low cost compared to installing a brand new well.

With this aim in mind, we have ordered the necessary equipment in bulk, thus reducing costs further. We will have an agreement with the schools we help for ongoing repairs. While most of the wells will be in schools, some will be nearby, providing there is an agreement on school access.

So, the same life-changing access to clean water for primary school children and their communities, for a much lower cost than the price of a new well. Moving forwards, smaller donations will therefore go into unrestricted funds, meaning we use them as we see fit.

If you would like to fundraise specifically for the rehabilitation of existing wells, or specifically for a new well, please just let us know at Mail: