Help in Fundraising


Excited to launch a fundraiser for a vital cause? Fabulous! We at WellBoring deeply appreciate your enthusiasm, as dynamic individuals, influencers, and corporate allies are essential to expanding our impact. Through your unique fundraiser, you’ll directly fuel our mission to eradicate water poverty in rural Africa, offering schools and communities reliable access to safe drinking water.

Your imaginative fundraiser will not only yield essential funds but also spread awareness, multiplying the transformative ripples of your contribution. Here’s your canvas to craft change, whether you’re an individual hosting a creative event, a fitness enthusiast initiating a charity run, an artist donating proceeds from your masterpiece, or schools featuring a water awareness day.

For corporations, the scope for collaborative impact is immense. Imagine your company staff running a marathon, with every mile covered translating to liters of clean water for a community, promoting both philanthropy and team spirit. Or adopt a WellBoring project, integrating corporate social responsibility with tangible, life-affirming results, boosting both global goodwill and employee morale.

Your creativity and commitment can birth wells of change, turning fundraising into a celebration of shared humanity and collective triumph over water poverty.

So, got a spark of an idea? We’re eager to hear it. Let’s chat and change the world together!

Get in touch for any questions and details