A meaningful exchange at Kodhiambo Primary School with WellBoring's international team and Kenyan WellBoring Groundwater representatives regarding WellBoring's Solar Well Impact.

The WellBoring Family


As an organisation, we at WellBoring are committed to ensuring access to safe drinking water in rural Africa. We tirelessly work to transform lives by funding and constructing groundwater wells, particularly in regions plagued by water poverty and the challenges of unclean water. These efforts profoundly affect health, education, and the general quality of life. By building these wells, we have been instrumental in bringing about substantial enhancements in community health and school attendance, while also expanding the availability of water for broader community needs.

WellBoring started off as a small charity based out of Chippenham in the UK. Less than a decade later we have grown in size and ambition, and are now comprised of a number of NGOs based across the world.

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