A figure, balancing a yellow water container on their head, walks towards a rural homestead, exemplifying the daily effort to access safe water in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Mission and Vision


Driven by our commitment to Africa, we’re on a mission to transform lives together with you — one child, one community at a time. Our purpose is clear: provide sustainable access to safe drinkable water in rural primary schools and communities, fostering healthier futures and brighter prospects. With a focus on education, health, and community partnership, we are helping to decrease the water problem that robs millions of their potential. Beyond installing wells, our approach is rooted in co-development, education, and a pledge not to ‘drill and walk away’, but to stay connected to communities. Since 2011, in partnership with dedicated donors and funders, volunteers, and communities, we’ve improved over 250,000 lives. Our vision is to reach a million this decade. Dive in with WellBoring; together, we can amplify the ripple effect of change, creating a lifelong impact. Be the change.

Be WellBoring
Our Mission: Co-Provide sustainable access to safe drinkable water in rural primary schools and communities
Joyful schoolchildren in uniforms, exuding hope and vitality, stand outside their primary school that is supported by a safe groundwater well.
Our Vision: End water poverty in sub-Saharan Africa
A group of African children delight in the clean water from a WellBoring well, washing their hands and embracing hygiene practices.


Envisioning an Africa where every child, family, and community thrives with unfettered access to safe drinking water; where education flourishes unburdened by water-borne diseases; and where the empowerment of women practices pave the way for fulfilling lives. We aim to be the beacon of hope for over a million lives, turning the dream of safe water into a daily reality, thereby fostering health, education, and prosperity across Africa especially in Kenya. With the WellBoring ethos, we are committed to shaping a world where water is not a luxury but a fundamental right, laying the foundation for an Africa that grows in health, knowledge, and equality. We know we’re just one piece of a larger mission. With you we aim to end water poverty in rural Africa. Together, we make a big difference.

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