Leave a Legacy


Chris Dann of WellBoring, responsible for legacy donations, events, and member relations, stands poised in a school setting, symbolizing commitment to sustainable development.

Crafting a legacy with WellBoring means more than just offering monetary aid. It means investing in the robust future of communities, empowering women and children, fostering education, and above all, providing safe water — the essence of life. A well with your name doesn’t only stand as a concrete structure; it’s a testament of your belief in a world full of hope and a sign for your empathy, vision, and unyielding support for humanity.

We understand that legacies are personal, often reflecting a life’s work and values. By entrusting WellBoring with your bequest, you are crafting a narrative of hope and resilience. Through our dedicated and transparent efforts, your legacy will not only be preserved but will flourish, reaching hearts and homes in the most vulnerable corners of the world.

Wouldn’t it be rewarding to know that your legacy continues to impact lives positively, offering not just water but an opportunity for communities to thrive, for children to learn, and for families to live healthily? Your bequest is a promise of life and hope to countless individuals who might never know you but will forever be grateful for your kindness.

Share your vision with us; let’s explore together how your legacy can be a fountain of life and hope for many. With WellBoring, your name will echo in the laughter of children, the relief of mothers, and the gratitude of communities for generations to come. Let your legacy be as profound and enduring as the wellspring of life.

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