Team and Organization

Nigel Linacre BEM, Chair

Nigel Linacre founded WellBoring in 2011 with a colleague and two engineers who came on their leadership course, and has led WellBoring since, since 2015 in partnership with Benjamin Koyoo. Nigel is a business author, leadership coach, poet and singer, with extensive business experience who worked on UK Aid and World Bank projects before forming WellBoring. He was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2023.

Benjamin Koyoo, Head of Operations

Benjamin Koyoo founded Ground Water Abstraction Kenya Outreach, ‘Gwako’, and later led it into partnership with WellBoring, forming and founding WellBoring GroundWater. Leading the Kenyan-based NGO, Benjamin brings over 20 years of experience in engaging rural communities and drilling. He is responsible for overseeing all of WellBoring’s operations across Africa.

Peter Johnson, Trustee

Peter Johnson founded the US-based WellBoring Foundation in 2018 to support WellBoring’s development and joined the WellBoring Board in 2019. With a long and successful business career and experience in social housing, Peter brings a wealth of experience to WellBoring’s Board of Trustees.

Dr Karamo Sonko

Dr Karamo Sonko is founder of Heeno International which jointly formed WellBoring West Africa of which he is also Chair. As a multi-disciplinary social scientist, Dr Sonko has published widely on Africa, worked for the OAU (now African Union), UN and IMF, and taught at European and North American Universities.

Philippe Grohe

Philippe Grohe, Chair of WellBoring Germany and seasoned photographer, embodies a water-centric legacy from family enterprise Hansgrohe. As a father of five, he is committed to creating a world where individual liberties are amplified through proper education, respect for others, and care for the planet.

Richard Kongo

Richard Kongo first worked with WellBoring as Chair of Kibiko Primary School in Kenya, where WellBoring completed one of its first projects, and joined the Board in 2018. A social entrepreneur, Richard sits on the board of NGO Help A Child Africa (HACA).