Our Purpose:
Helping to solve the sub-Saharan water crisis

WellBoring team members engage with teachers at a Kenyan homestead, examining a typical washing station for kitchenware and general hygiene.
Give the gift of future and life! Ever thought how water can reshape an entire community's destiny? What if unlocking a brighter future was as simple as providing access to a local well? Since 2011, WellBoring has sustainably improved over 250,000 lives with safe drinking water. Yet, millions still await their drop of hope. Discover how clean water can fuel health, foster education, and forge economic growth in places like Kenya, Gambia, and Uganda. Dive in, make a difference, and be the change.
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Our Scope:
Funding, drilling, building, rehabilitating safe water wells

WellBoring Groundwater team at the pivotal moment of drilling a borehole at a school, the drill rig ready to pierce 60 meters deep for a stable water column.
You are a company looking for a reliable use of funds and true ESG / CSR impact? You as an NGO search a reliable fulfillment partner for your Safe Water project? Fuelled by dedication and transparency, and supported by our affiliate drilling team among other assets, you not only benefit from our lean structures and ensure safety but also maximise your impact. Discover detailed information and exciting best practices to create significant impact.
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Our Core:
Safe drinking water! Improving health and education

Jerrycans filled with water lined up at a rural market, highlighting the daily struggle for safe drinking water in sub-Saharan Africa.
Water: The Heartbeat of a New Africa! Ever thought water could be a game-changer for an entire continent? In sub-Saharan Africa, it's the line between thriving and just surviving. Over 45% live without safe drinking water. Our wells? They're not just water sources. They're bridges to health, education, equality, and more. Our deep wells, reaching to over 80 meters, tap into Africa's groundwater, delivering immediate relief and lasting sustainability. Passionate about sculpting a brighter future? Learn more.
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Our Principles:
Co-development, “d-i-o”, anti-drill-&-walk-away, sharing

A young person vigorously operates a hand pump, joyously drawing clean water, a testament to WellBoring's sustainable impact.
We don't just "drill and walk away"; our wells from 2011 still serve communities well. Why? Our secret: active community collaboration and our own drilling team ensuring transparency and quality. Plus: "Sharing = empowerment". This isn't a catchphrase; it's our heart. WellBoring pledges for long-term partnership. Wondering how WellBoring stands out? And your potential impact on this transformational journey? Dive in to discover.
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Our Attitude:
Dedication + Transparency + 100 % For Africa

School children in uniforms gathered around a new hand pump well in their schoolyard, eagerly awaiting fresh water.
Embrace 100% Dedication with Us! At the core? Our determination to make a difference and help to fix the water problem. Join us to make tangible change. We’re driven by passion, not profits. Our non-profit ethos ensures your donation has a direct impact. The beauty of sub-Saharan Africa is beyond landscapes; it’s in the vibrant people and resilient hearts. Through every well, you aren't just supporting but connecting deeply with a continent's dream.
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