As a Media Platform and Influencer


An inspiring figure engaged in conversation, representing WellBoring's commitment to media outreach for global water solutions.

WellBoring welcomes inquiries and engagement from media partners interested in highlighting our work and mission in sub-Saharan Africa. Our on-the-ground experience and clear stance on various issues make us a reliable source of information and insights on the imperative of water access, community development, and sustainable aid practices.

Do you aim to craft insightful reports about transformative projects? Are you looking to incorporate authentic sounds from the field or seeking to understand the nuances of development aid vs. our co-development approaches? We can facilitate these requirements, providing valuable content and context for your pieces.

As a dedicated team, we engage deeply with the communities we serve, witnessing daily the resilience and hope that characterize these regions. Nigel Linacre, BEM our lead spokesperson, is a seasoned communicator with experience engaging with leading platforms, ready to provide interviews and insights to interested media entities.

Our doors are open for collaborations with newspapers, blogs, influencers, and television stations. We value the role of media in amplifying the voices of people in sub-Saharan Africa and bringing attention to the crucial issue of water poverty. Through your platform, we can jointly advocate for change, showcase the impact of clean water projects, and explore the dynamics of effective aid and community empowerment. We invite you to reach out to us for more detailed discussions on how we can work together to create meaningful, informed content that reflects the realities, challenges, and successes of working towards water security and community development in sub-Saharan Africa.

Get in touch for any questions and details